Please wait while 3D model of terrain is loaded (this can take even few minutes)
Controls (if not working, applet lost focus, click on model!)

  • end - start/stop rotation
  • home - reset positions
  • pgup/down - move amodel up/down
  • arrows - move model to the sides nearer/closer
  • ctr+arrows - rotate model
  • backspace- 3D x 2D

    Try zoom functions of your browser!

    Is not applet laoded after long time?
    Possible reason is Out of memory error. This i shard to solve
    At first try this steps:

  • Go to contoll pannels and open java
  • Go to the java panel and click view in java applet runtime settings
  • To the java runtime parameters add something like -Xms50m -Xmx300m
  • -Xms50m is initial memory heap size
  • -Xmx300m is maximal memory heap size
    If stil no apllet is loaded:
  • there is one big disadvantige
  • -it seams taht 300m is the HIGHEST memory rank. That mean tha sil some terrains will not be displayable. (because they need more then 300m)
  • Then there is just one solutin - downlaod tripsahre client. It have more powerfull modelviewr and much more!!! ANd is whole free