Tripshare Terrain generator and model galery

This site is part of project TripShare. Is dedicated to project part, which cares about realistic, based onreal geo-data, models of terrain

you can see some of the terrains prepared by projectt tripshare here

Map were calibrated by this tripshare calibrating tool - this is java app. Source codes are here as netbeans project

Terrains were created by tripshare native tool. Source codes are here. You will need qt-dev. to compile it (qmake-qt4 and make on linux commandline). Precompiled standalone binaries for windows are here and precompiled binaries for x86_64 linux are here and precompiled binaries for i586 linux are here. You will still need qt environment.

Because some of models can not run online because of tehir size, you can download them, and tehn used this tool (java application) which is direct part of project tripshare. Remeber - project tripshare contains all this tools and much more. Source codes of project tripshare are downloadable on thei home pages.

Taste of fully controlable geo-data based models


Cooperating projects: cardmanager jpanoramamaker jscrabble3D mobile pacman mobile snake mobile stoneeater mobile stoneeater mobile tetris

Wish you good luck with creating of terrains! author: Tomas Jamrisko, leaded inside project Tripsahre by Vaněk  Jiří
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